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Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂, Hǎiyang Tiāntang)

Ocean HeavenOcean Heaven is a drama directed by Xue Xiaolu in 2010.

Sam Wong has a terminal illness and will die soon. Even if you have accepted it, is worried about his son, Dafu, an autistic 21-year-old boy. Sam works in an aquarium, and since his wife died 14 years before, has to look after his only son.

The deepest fear of Sam is Dafu unable to care for himself after his death. Therefore tries to teach his son to learn the essential day-to-day tasks to make it capable of surviving once it is only.

An important part of the story is dedicated to display the help that Sam and Dafu obtained from their community. In China there is the welfare State which is available in Europe or Japan, so the people learned to take care of the other.

This is one of the few films in Chinese that I was able to understand completely without subtitles in English. The reason is that there is not much dialogue. It is all body language and facial expressions.

Despite being a sad history, Ocean Heaven ends with an optimistic vision of the future. But you have to see the movie to find out; )

The Story of Qiu Ju (秋菊打官司, Qiū Jú dǎ 冠 sī)

The Story of Qiu JuThe story of Qiu Ju, a 1992 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou, adaptation of the novel of Yuanbin Chen The Wan Family completo Lawsuit.

The film describes how Qiu Ju, a peasant woman, played by the beautiful Gong Li, moves from the field to a nearby village to obtain justice when the village chief gave a kick in the balls to her husband and unwilling to apologize. But you don’t get any results, and despite being pregnant, Qiu Ju goes to Beijing to challenge the most convoluted bureaucracy of the Earth: the bureaucracy of the capital of China.

I loved Qiu Ju and his obstinacy the first time I saw the film, many years ago. However, it has only been since have survived the Chinese bureaucracy by myself, to really appreciation their value. I also believe that the makeup of this film did a great job by “transforming” Gong Li in a peasant!

Eat Drink Man Woman (饮食男女, Yǐn Shi Nan Nǚ)

Eat Drink Man WomanEat Drink Man Woman is a 1994 Taiwanese film directed by Ang Lee.

Master chef Chu is a widower who works at Taiwan Grand Hotel. Likes to organize sumptuous Sunday feasts for his three daughters. However, as the story progresses we discover that girls lose interest in this ceremony which they perceive as too traditional.

The film, as the title suggests, has two main themes: food and sex. Ang Lee shows several scenes of Chef Chu in the kitchen and, at the same time, tells the story of three daughters. There are Jia Ning, which has several relationships and finally becomes pregnant, Jia Chen, a successful woman who begins a relationship with a colleague and would love to become chef herself; and Jen Jia, the eldest daughter, a sexually repressed teacher who in the end feels attracted to a trainer of fitness that works at the same school.

What I really like Eat Drink Man Woman is the way in which the main characters change to evolving history, a little like in American Beauty, the movie with Kevin Spacey.

Summer Palace (颐和园, Yihe Yuan)

Summer palace

Summer Palace is a 2006 Chinese film directed by Lou Ye, tells the story of Hao Lei, who leaves his small hometown to study at the University “BeiQing” (a false name that reminds Beida and Tsinghua, the two most important universities in China). The story flows between a stormy love, loving and interrupted friendships irrelevant in the context of the student revolt of the Tian An Men Square.

I especially recommend the movie to anyone who wants to know more about the life of Chinese students and for those, like me, he lived it, but I never had the possibility to enter female dormitories, which are (unfortunately) prohibited to children.

The film was quite controversial in China because of its scenes of sex and political tone, which however is always in the background. After being presented at the Cannes Film Festival without government approval, the summer palace was banned in China, and Lou Ye was censured by five years.

Raise the Red Lantern (大红灯笼高高挂, Da dēnglóng gāogāo gua hong)

Raise of the red lantern

Raise the Red Lantern, 1991 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou, adaptation of the novel by Su Tong Wives and Concubines.

The story is set a few years before the Chinese civil war, which began in 1927. At the age of nineteen Songlian, played by Gong Li, is forced to marry Zuoqian Chen rich when her father dies leaving his family in bankruptcy. The fourth wife (or lovers, 四 太太, Sì Tàitài,) becomes then as it is called in the film master Chen. When she arrives at the Palace, Songlian will welcome you like a Queen. However, she will soon discover that not all spouses receive the same treatment: only those with whom the teacher decides to spend the night…

The Red Lantern is a hard film that describes the struggle between concubines to earn the approval of the teacher between false smiles, imaginary pregnancy, continuing betrayals and exaggerated punishment.

Some see in Raise the Red Lantern a critique of modern Chinese society. I can’t say if this is true or not. However they have hidden a “second wife” (二奶, ernăi) is still a common practice among rich Chinese (see my article prostitution in China for more details).

The Flowers of War (金陵十三钗, Jīnling shisān chāi)

The Flowers of War

The Flowers of War, a 2011 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou, adaptation of the novel by Yan Geling Thirteen Flowers of Nanjing.

The film chronicles the arrival of a group of prostitutes in a convent. They are fleeing Japanese troops during “the rape of Nanking”. Living with the children locked in the convent is quite difficult, but the male protagonist, an American who is also hidden from the Japanese, seems quite happy by the surprise…

I saw the movie above all because here in China, there was a huge publicity campaign about the movie and Stung me with curiosity. In addition, the history that preceded the film was quite good (probably also was part of the marketing strategy). It seems that Zhang Yimou selected fifteen common girls and “joints locked them” for a month so that they could establish the need to represent the “comrades of the brothel” feeling.

After seeing The Flowers of War, I have to say that the tactic was successful.

If I have to do any criticism about the movie, I would say that there was no reason to use an American as the protagonist.

In the Mood for Love (花樣年華, Fa yeung nin wa (Cantonese))

In the mood for love

In the Mood for Love, Hong Kong film from 2000 directed by Wong Kar-wai, set in Hong Kong in 1962. CHOW Mo-wan, is journalist and lives in the same building as their Li-zhen, a Secretary. Both married with a companion who is always out working. Hence, they spend most of their time alone. The director conveys this sense of loneliness often framing them eating only.

Eventually, Kar-wai and Li-zhen become friends and conclude that their partners were lovers for a long time. They then begin to fantasize about how the relationship of their respective spouses could have started…

In the Mood for Love is one of those films where almost nothing happens. However, the music, the staging and Li-zhen you engage in such a way that it forces you to follow the story until the end and inevitably causes a feeling of dissatisfaction.

In addition, I think that this film sums up quite well as Asians see love: you must be willing to sacrifice yourself for the welfare of your partner and the community instead of going behind your own realization and happiness.

Lust, Caution (色, 戒, Se, Jie)

Lust Caution

Lust, Caution, a 2007 Chinese thriller directed by Ang Lee, adaptation of the novel of Ailing Zhang Lust, Caution.

The story takes place during the occupation of the Japanese army. Wong Chia Chi, a shy student of Shanghai, comes to Hong Kong in 1938 to study at Lingnan University. She gets involved in a Patriot group that wants to kill Mr Yee, a special agent recruited by the Japanese puppet government.

Chia Chi becomes then Ms. Mai, the wife of a Hong Kong merchant, with the intention of entering the social circle of the Lady Yee and seduce her husband. The plan fails when Mr Yee has to return to Shanghai.

Three years later, Chia Chi also returns to Shanghai and meets again with Mr Yee…

Up the Yangtze (向上生长, Xiàngshàng Shēngzhǎng)

Up th yangtzeUp the Yangtze is a 2007 Chinese documentary directed by Yung Chang. It tells the story of Yu Shui, a girl of sixteen years who leaves his family – who lives near the Yangtze River, to work in cruise aimed at rich (and FAT) Western tourists.

The other main character of the film is Chen Bo Yu, a young man of nineteen-year-old who comes from a more affluent family and is trying to make a living as a singer on cruise ships.

Through the adventures of Yu Shui and Chen Bo Yu, the film tells the story of the families who have seen their homes and lands that are flooded during the construction of the three Gorges Dam and had to move away.

Other social issues raised by Up the Yangtze refers to China’s transition from a rural to one of mass tourism economy.

Farewell My Concubine (霸王别姬, Bàwáng Bié Jī)

Adiós a mi concubina

Farewell My Concubine, 1993 Chinese drama directed by Chen Kaige, adaptation of the novel by Lilian Lee Farewell My Concubine and so far is the only film china has been able to win the Cannes Film Festival.

The film tells the story of Dieyi and Xiaolou, Peking opera stars “Farewell My Concubine”, in set in China in the 20th century: the invasion of the Japanese army, the end of the second world war and the arrival of the Communists in 1949. Dieyi and Xiaolou are known from children and, over the years, maintained a deep friendship and a turbulent history homosexual love, reaching betray each other when, during the cultural revolution, Beijing Opera is prohibited.

In an increasingly globalised society in which learning languages opens doors to a more consolidated professional future, Chinese is positioned as a language of progress whose knowledge can be a great competitive advantage over others; for this reason, Chinese 2015 summer camps become that first approximation to a language that can open new perspectives.

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In addition, Chinese 2015 summer camp complete their training offer with activities of leisure and free time, sport, hiking, games and workshops, and even some also teach English to provide a complete learning that lay the groundwork for a promising future.

Chinese 2015 summer camps open the doors to the most spoken language in the world, bringing benefits to children who already learn it from small and enriching stay with a dip in the traditions and culture of the country.


The Communists of China attacked many bourgeois institutions since they took power in 1949, but the marriage was not one of them. On the contrary, they enacted a law on marriages in 1950, four years before submitting a Constitution.

The pressure to marry is still strong in the China of today, where almost 80 per cent of adults have adopted bridal loop at some point, compared with only 68 percent in United States. Today, however, compared to 1950, marriage is tied to another bourgeois institution: real estate.

In China, mortgages are often precede marriages. According to a popular belief, if a man and his family can buy a property, it will trouble to find wife. When choosing a husband, three-fourths of the women considered their ability to provide a home, according to recent survey among young people in China’s coastal cities by Horizon China, a Beijing-based market research firm. Even when a woman despise this criterion, his family and friends, not to mention real estate agents in the country, does not allow you to forget.

“Naked marriages”, as it is known to those who lack a property, are supported by increasing numbers of young people. As they age, but their attitudes could reverse more quickly than the progress of the society.

A 28-year-old Beijing woman married her husband after falling in love of him at the University. Today, his perspective has changed.

“If I submit to a man now, and he could not afford to pay a House, not I would marry him”, says. “I need to be more realistic. I’m not a 20-year-old girl”.

Some economists argue that competition for wives in the “marriage market” China helps to explain the high prices in the housing market. The houses are less affordable in parts of China where men far above the number of women, they argue Shang-jin Wei of Columbia University in New York, Xiaobo Zhang of the Institute of investigation of the policy food international in Washington and Liu Yin of Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Men, and their families, wasting real estate to improve its position in the competition to get married, but that merely requires men to spend more in response. Single men are immersed in a Darwinian struggle, economists argue. Overpriced houses are like the extravagant plumage of a Peacock, an attractive attribute which only males with more resources can be deployed.

Not only the male brings

The burden of buying home therefore is strongly in single men. However, already not limited to them. Women and their families now contribute to real estate purchases of the couple in 70 percent of cases, according to the research of Horizon China. They help both because they must – the couples have to gather resources to afford the expensive houses in the coastal area of China – and because it can. Young women are gaining more and getting more help from their parents, who are often only daughters.

Although the majority of women now contributes to the purchase of the House, only 30 per cent of married women added his name to the title of property, according to the research of Horizon China. Leta Hong Fincher, a sociologist at Tsinghua University, is concerned that “many Chinese women are still excluded from what could be the largest known aggregation of residential wealth in history”.

More women are trying to add your name to this wealth. Of married women after 2006, 37 percent is successful. Their efforts gained new urgency in 2011 when the Supreme Court clarified the rules of divorce: each party, noted, must keep the property registered in his name, once each was offset by any contribution to the mortgage.

However, the joint register of the property faces social and bureaucratic obstacles. A woman interviewed by Hong Fincher contributed strongly to the hitch of a House and insisted that it was registered in the name of the two. Her boyfriend’s mother begged him to abandon his demand, however, noting that the future wife earned more than him and was most likely that she abandon it to him than vice versa. Joint ownership would be a further blow to the pride of the bridegroom.

In principle, the law entitles a divorced wife compensation for their contributions to the  mortgage agent toronto , even if the family home is not registered in your name. Women don’t always document their house payments, however, and even though they pay none of the mortgage, are still paying many of other household expenses, says Hong Fincher. In many cases, the man can afford only pay the mortgage because the woman takes charge of furnishing the House and many other expenses.

“Ownership of a House defined masculinity,” says Hong Fincher.

Often the finances of the couple be arranged so that the husband can take pride in own House, he says, even though, in reality, his wife is contributing jointly to the household expenses. A submissive wife might feel obliged to strengthen its claim.

In China, the macho posture is another bubble that has not yet erupted.

Double effect

Some economists argue that competition for wives in the “marriage market” China helps to explain the high prices in the housing market.


“Ownership of a House defined masculinity,” said Leta Hong Fincher, sociologist at Tsinghua University


The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ, for its acronym in English) is it investigating talcum powder for babies from the German company NUK where to find the best baby carriers about the possibility of containing a prohibited ingredient, reported news agency Xinhua. This is the latest research which open the Chinese authorities against foreigners suspected of being toxic products, and previous cases the test result was negative. The Chinese authorities removed from sale NUK products after South Korea informed that 12 of the 30 talcum powder for babies analyzed, including NUK contain carcinogenic asbestos. The company Suzhou Debao Baby Supplies, NUK principal agent in China, imported 11.6 tons of semi-finished products manufacture in Korea, Boryung Pharmaceutical Company, from March 2008 to March this year, said a supervisor NUK quality. AQSIQ 48 sealed cans of talcum powder for babies NUK during his inspection of the company, which informed its dealers withdraw their products for sale.This research adds to sales to other foreign companies with negative results in tests of AQSIQ, as happened to the US of body care products for babies and best baby carrier for dad Johnson & Johnson.

Pan Shiyi, who presides over SOHO, said that kind of censorship that is carried out in China goes against the idea of the Internet, which is “diverse and inclusive”

The strict control and censorship of the regime on China’s internet has been cause of frustration for people for many years. But the usual complacent attitude adopted by the business elite took a small detour and signs of dissent are brewing.

The most visible sign recently was when the real estate billionaire Pan Shiyi, who presides over SOHO, one of the companies of real estate in China (launch for more detail), asked to finish with the great Chinese firewall.

“Some government officials are here today”, said at a Conference. “I would like to place an order… because do us not jump above the wall.” Not conforms to the spirit of the Internet”.

The “wall” that was talking about was the great firewall, using the Chinese phrase “fanqiang”, which means literally, “climbing the wall”, and is used in contemporary mandarin almost exclusively in reference to the technology to access the Internet free.

According to the Chinese web portal Sina, bread was next to an exclusive audience in CVW 2014, the first Conference on a large scale to discuss the impact of Internet in the industry, held in Beijing on December 12.

He said that kind of censorship that is carried out in China goes against the idea of the Internet, which is “diverse and inclusive”.

As a leader of SOHO China Limited, office construction and real estate more large in China, Pan said he believes that Internet gives hope to China during the current recession’s real estate sector, because you can push the efficiency and lower the costs.

Since the establishment of the regime in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has always maintained tight control over information and ideology in China. Since the beginning of the Internet era in the 1990s, the party began to establish its great firewall, a sophisticated censorship and surveillance system operated by the Ministry of public security. For 1998, it was able to block local and foreign websites that contained information not well received by the party.

Using programs to freely watch censored sites and avoid the great firewall blocking has become something common and popular in China, virtually everyone in an industry where you work with information have been used to “wall jump” to get what they need to work.

Among the issues most carefully blocked in China are the news on the persecution of spiritual groups, abuse of human rights and intrigues of the political elite. Chinese netizens have neither access to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Dong Xiaoxing, an expert on Chinese Internet policy, said in an interview with Radio Free Asia that censorship does not completely stop the flow of information, but that primarily increases the conflict between the Government and the people. “As the Internet is very advanced, even if you delete a publication in a minute, tens of thousands of netizens have already read it and continue disseminating information.”

The Madrid in collaboration with Leaflet Distribution Glasgow
will distribute 4,000 leaflets and 4,000 information posters in Chinese and Spanish to about 3,000 Chinese entrepreneurs in the region on the regulations and hours of sale of alcohol.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Enrique Ossorio, and the president of the Confederation of Employers of Retail Trade and Services Autonomous Community of Madrid (CECOMA), Alfonso Tezanos, have signed an agreement to facilitate the understanding of Chinese businessmen . the rules and the need for compliance The posters will be shared contain clear and direct messages to facilitate knowledge and dissemination between the collective and clients with texts like: “If more than 10 hours or are under old, you can not sell alcohol and you can not buy. “ This has been explained Ossorio after signing the agreement, which places special emphasis on hours of sale and prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors of age, who has opined that these entrepreneurs have an “enormous difficulty of integration” due to “significant cultural and linguistic differences.” Meanwhile, Tezanos considered that this will be a campaign “effective but very simple” because, as mentioned by The Chinese Merchants Association in Spain has an “almost daily” control of all establishments in the Community of Madrid. To Tezanos, the presence in the signature of the representative of the Chinese Embassy, ​​Dong Yuzhong, is “very important” because the Chinese community of Madrid is very respectful “standards and especially with the heads of their embassies. “ Sale of Alcohol The Community has recently made ​​similar campaigns among employers in the commercial sector, such as that started this month DG Trade to remind employers of the grocery trade obligations in relation to the sale of alcoholic beverages.Since the January 1, 2012, is allowed the sale of alcoholic beverages in power without specific release, but is prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years and from 22.00. In this regard, the Directorate General of Commerce has imposed since 2002, 1,161 penalties for non-compliance; but, as has informed the Community, there is a “clear downward trend” in the complaints, having been reduced by 80 percent in the first quarter of 2013 compared to 2012.

Decorate a room with a theme of Chinese or Asian decor can give a fresh, clean look of simplicity. The vibrant colors and interesting designs create an atmosphere with a fresh and bold look. Chinese theme rooms are often based on the rules of Feng Shui decoration, which can add balance, beauty, comfort and serenity to your home.

  1. Pick up and choose Living Room Paint Ideas. Rooms with Chinese themes focus on the intriguing aspects of design and color present in the decor. Too many sweets or other types of disorder distracting sight of decoration.

  2. Paint the walls a neutral color, such as off-white or dark gray. This provides a simple scenario for strong graphics inspired by oriental art.

  3. Hang a wall fountain or a source table placed on a table or other area. The soothing sounds of water moving help create a calm atmosphere.

  4. Add furniture containing black to give shape and definition room. For example, if you have a black leather couch, incorporating the black part of the photographs or as an accent color in other trinkets in the room.

  5. Invest in accessories that contain rich shades of red and gold to add brightness and color dotted around the room. Displays a Chinese fan or a kite on the wall as decoration.

  6. Place a decorative sculpture inspired by Chinese lamps and other decorations speak for itself. This creates a spacious appearance and allows the art room talking without competing with the other pieces. The same type of placement is appropriate for potted plants. These are the styles of decoration Feng Shui common.

  7. Add texture to your room with Chinese theme. For example, if you have a wooden floor adds a bamboo mat or a mat oriental style to add texture, color and visual appeal. Place a carved ivory figure of an elegant table black or hangs an ornate rug on a single wall with a neutral color.

  8. Place a screen Chinese style in a living room or bedroom to disrupt large areas.

China is a country that offers constant opportunities to take great pictures. The landscapes are varied and everywhere there are people doing interesting and colorful things. It is very rare that someone refuses to take a picture. 

What to bring 

Traveling in China means dealing with various situations. For the amateur photographer, take your favorite camera will suffice. Be sure to bring enough memory cards, but you can buy them here if you run out of them.The generic batteries can also be easily achieved, but their quality is perhaps not the best. If you have a laptop you can go storing your pictures as you go through the journey. 

For the professional photographer, a reflex camera or a 4×3 system with interchangeable lenses will be more than adequate. For a digital SRL I personally use a Canon (1Ds Mark II) body and carry a 16-35L, a 35-70L and 70-200L IS. Also I have an Olympus Pen-P2 takes beautiful pictures. I have a Flash for both. Always use the format RAW or RAW and JPG as it provides many options when downloaded on my computer. 

China Guide

Buy camera equipment in China 

You can easily find memory cards plug adapters or extension cords act as adapters. There is a market for cameras on the west side of Beijing where you will find any items from chargers to Photo Booths, but do not expect a very low price, especially with cameras and lenses are concerned. If you need storage for your photos, you can buy external hard drives with ease. Memory cards and other accessories are usually fake copies of famous brands. Since you will be busy most of the time, you should come well prepared in this regard.  You need to rent PhotoBooth , there’s a very cheap service called Photobooth hire Melbourne in Beijing.

The Great Wall 

The best time to climb the Great Wall is in the morning when the day is clear. In the twilight can also be very nice. Even if fog can take spectacular photos. White and black can work very well if the day is not sunny. If you really want to take good pictures on the wall I recommend spending the night sleeping there, so you can take pictures at dawn, when the first rays of sun appear. Share Also there are hotels along the wall, but you must get up very early and walk a good time to reach the ideal place to take photos. 


The Tibet offers wonderful photo opportunities. Be aware that several of the temples will ask for a financial contribution if you want to take photos or videos. The amount depends on the location. To avoid problems, do not take pictures of Chinese soldiers in place.

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Which was once considered the strong real estate market in the United States is now in decline, so investors now look to other markets to exploit. With the Chinese economy growing at an average of 9.7% since 1979, becomes a very attractive location for foreign investment. Investing in China’s real estate market, though not simple like Sale Villa in Bali, is quite affordable.

  1. You should at least have worked or studied in China at least one year. This law does not apply to residents of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, which are already eligible.

  2. Determines the city where you want to invest. Although popular cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai could be your first choice, there are other smaller cities that could provide more growth and opportunity like Xiamen, Qingdao and Hangzhou.With the government investing heavily in infrastructure, taking into account recent railway constructions could be a good indicator of possible future growth in the city (for example, Hunan and Xinjiang).

  3. Find a real estate agent and an attorney familiar with how to do business in China. You need both to overcome the legal and contract issues, which will be found clearly written in Mandarin Chinese.

  4. Find the property with the help of your real estate agent and a few visits to China. For new construction, it is important to investigate those responsible for them and ask for references. Some properties in mainland China may have only 10 years and look 50 years into his image and usefulness. Also, foreigners are not allowed to live within 0.5 km near a government building or the home of a worker-that government is something special consideration in Beijing.

  5. Submit your offer with your realtor.

  6. Prepare your finances. If funding is a Chinese bank, then check your particular requirements in revenues, deposits and loan amount. If you do exchange, one person can change up to $ 50,000 or less annually. Larger quantities of that require government approval.

  7. Complete the transaction. Complete the forms and present them to the Department of Real Estate Transactions, which could take a month. Pay the price and signing all the papers. Consult your attorney to make sure that the contract is nothing to worry about.Buyers must pay 3% of the seal, 2% maintenance tax, and 1.5% tax contract, otherwise the transaction does not proceed tax.

Although about 63 million people in China suffer mental disorders, of which about 16 million have severe psychosis, are a minority who face a psychiatric treatment due to the shortage of professionals and especiallysocial prejudices rooted in the community. 

With 30 million depressed, China faces the challenge of promoting psychiatry and develop a network of mental health by a serious lack of specialists: less than 17,000 psychiatrists throughout the country, equivalent to a single professional for every 76,000 people, ten times less than in Western countries. 

The deputy director of the Chinese Psychiatric Association, Hao Wei, said at a conference in Shanghai that over 60% of Chinese patients with depression may benefit from proper medical treatment for your problem, and support professionals. 

However, he regretted that few doctors available, and criticized that investment in mental health care is insufficient in China, where 75% of cases of depression are diagnosed by doctors, not psychiatrists, the China Daily reported. 

Above structural problems, Hao said that the great obstacle to overcome is still the stigma surrounding China to mental patients, which deters most occur in psychiatric centers for fear of what people say, the portal News Not reported appointment to the Spanish news agency EFE.  Meanwhile, Chinese government encourage citizens to ask for help from online psychiatrist website like

Zou Yizhuang of the Chinese Society of Psychiatry, agrees that the main obstacles to consolidate the mental health system in China are lack of funds, lack of professional andsocial rejection to mental illness, reports the newspaper El Mundo . 

According to the data provided by World Health Organization (WHO), mental disorders account for 20% of the health problems of the country, while the world average is 10%. 

Zou Yizhuang believes that “it will not be difficult for Chinese psychiatrists learn to use new drugs, day centers or additions as music therapy, but it will be harder to educate people to change their attitude to mental illness [... ] for differences between Eastern and Western history, culture, politics, religion, legal, social and economic system. “

It is an open secret that the Chinese authorities are spying on the movements of its citizens for Internet and mobile phone communications. However, it is still impressive to see strong evidence of this practice.

On January 7, the diffuser news Jinhua Beijing Time Weibo published in the purchase order surveillance software , allegedly by a local police department. Now citizens can know with accuracy what tools to use surveillance police, and also the exact price you paid for them.

Time Jinhua purchase order found on the website of the Department of Wenzhou district police made ​​a screenshot  of it and published it in the social network and a brief explanation of their origin. The order includes two items: a tool for introducing Trojans on mobile phones and a trojan spying conversations and text messages on mobile phones and picture messages on Android devices, and to release iPhone devices. The first item cost RMB 100,000 (US $ 16,000), and the second 49.00 RMB (US $ 800).

As word spread, the page where the purchase order was the site of the police department was removed. However, netizens began to look at other pages of local government orders. Twitter userbeidaijin discovered that two other local administrations had spent tax dollars to monitor social networks and channel public opinion:

The first image is an order of sub-Dispatch public safety in the area of ​​economic and technological development of Wenzhou. The second is an order of the local administration of Tianjin. The third is the local administration of Tai’an.

Acquired by the administration of Tianjin article is software that collects messages from foreign social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The authorities of the city of Tai’an purchased a data collection software and other content placement that was intended to help “save public opinion” in nine of the major social networks, both in China and abroad.

With a simple search that included the file type and search terms such as “Twitter”, “information” or “buy”,beidaijin found that, at least twelve other local administrations had also purchased surveillance software social networks:

Look up the term “filetype: doc site: twitter purchase information”.As shown in the screenshot, the administrations of Tai’an, Qidong, Shandong, Hulun Buir, Ordos, Nanjing, Nanning, Hefei, Changzhou, Qingyuan, Yancheng, Tianjin … have also issued orders for surveillance software designed to monitor major foreign social networks.

BEIJING .- The sharing site YouTube videos on the Internet brings more than two days locked in China, after videos of the protests last week in Lhasa were hung, they alleged netizens of China.

The website of the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ , one of the first who posted photos of the protests, is not accessible in Beijing, according to EFE could see.

It is the second time in six months that China censorship buy safe youtube views, one of the world’s most popular websites .

The first occasion was in October 2007 when the XVII Congress of the Communist Party of China, a five-year event is usually accompanied by an increase in information control was held.

The country, which is already in some studies has the most Internet users in the world (over 220 million), is also one of the greatest exercises censorship on the Internet.

Other websites, such as the British broadcaster BBC or from human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders have for several years blocked.

The riots in Lhasa, the Tibetan population originate from the Chinese Han which they say are “colonizing” Tibet, were the highlight of protests that began on March 10 by monks from various Tibetan monasteries, harshly repressed by police china.

The Dalai Lama accused China of being causing a “cultural genocide” in Tibet, where Tibetans are already a minority in cities like Lhasa, while Beijing is defended by ensuring that the protests are a conspiracy of Tibetan religious leader and his “clique “.

In this section of China all want to present some of the major search engines in China . So far Baiduhas been the great ruler although in recent months Qihoo is gaining market share, which has caused qeu Baidu, apart from enhancing your search engine was put to work to conquer other plots as Baidu Maps and even enter the film industry. Below we explain some of the Chinese search engine by market share:

Bots in China

Baidu: Baidu literally means “a hundred times” and is the leading search engine in Chinese. It was founded in 1999 by Robin Li and Eric Xu and is headquartered in Beijing . Although its design is similar to Google and includes the ability to search news, images and songs, among other functions, known for its attractive advertising formats for brands, including the Brand Zone or Network Display stands .Anecdotally highlight its name comes from a classical Chinese poem poet Xin Qiji, during the Song Dynasty, about a man who sought the love of his life.

Qihoo: Qihoo 360 entered the search and SEO market with the launch of and Seo Bangkok, to compete directly with Baidu, the dominant search engine in China . Qihoo 360 is a software company known for its antivirus (360 Safeguard, 360 Mobile Security) Web Browser (360 Search) software, mobile application store (360 Mobile Assistant) and SEO service. It was founded by Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong in June 2005.

Sogou: is a Chinese search engine that can search for text, images, music and maps. Sogou was released on August 3, 2004 and is owned by Sohu. was in talks to sell the search engine in July 2013 Qihoo by about 1,400 million. The September 17, 2013, it was announced that Tencent has invested $ 448 million for a minority stake in the Chinese search engine

Soso: is a Chinese search engine owned by Tencent . Since October 1, 2012, is ranked the 33rd most visited website in the world, the 11th most visited website in China, and the eighth most visited website in South Korea, according to Alexa Internet.

Google: Despite the importance of worldwide Google not forget that the search is suffering the firewall of the Chinese government, so its importance in China is minimized and difficult to progress.

Yahoo: Yahoo! is a global media company based in the United States, has a website, web directory and a range of services, including the popular email Yahoo !. Its mission is “to be the most essential global service for consumers and businesses online”. It was founded in January 1994 by two graduate students at Stanford University, Jerry Yang and David Filo. Your browser has little market share while its alliance with Alibaba could help relaunch.

Although some search engines more in China these are the most used.

European Business in China: Business Confidence Survey , 2011 study on the perception of the framework for business and business confidence in China, prepared by the European Chamber of Commerce in China. The survey reflects the concern of European businesses by increasing difficulties and new obstacles for the development of their activities. Survey of business confidence in China: pinecone research reviews.

Ferran Adrià is the best chef in the world … even today that elBulli, his legendary restaurant, and closed its doors. Last year came to Mistura and was amazed. Here his testimony. Remember, this Thursday 19 Perú21 available to its readers cutlery Adrià. Do not think twice, redeem them, use them and feel a genius (at least at lunch).

In 2011 you were in Mistura …
Yes. I know of nothing like it in the world. It is a very nice place, not like a food fair Mistura … The amazing thing was the amount of good restaurants that fed him attendees. And I do not mean to accomplish: I tried really was good. This in Europe does not happen often.

Mistura is actually a popular fair …
The fairs are popular per se. Furthermore, as these millionaire space thus they are not mixed. Again, the different de Mistura was the quality of the food. What good God!

Besides being in Mistura, you traveled to Cusco and jungle of Peru, walking and shooting a documentary that present them in May. I imagine you discovered ingredients, new flavors and textures …
Right. Assimilate this was a huge task. So I was in Peru two weeks … and even then I could finish the job log. What I liked most about your country is the passion of the people. In the world there are magnificent traditional kitchens. For example, you’ll find fantastic dishes Asia, but the passion of people added to the culture they have inherited from their ancestors makes the thing is fantastic. How not surprised by that affection by the local and an aperture for receiving the influences of other parts of the world: Chinese cuisine with chifa, Japanese cuisine kitchen converted Nikkei, the assimilation of Italian and black and so on. In addition, you advocate sustainable products, biodiversity. A Peruvians love their country and its diversity, this taste for knowing they have a traditional country but also a modern country.

You had a meeting with four thousand young chefs Peruvian …
Ah, was fantastic. What impressed me most was that they had very clear ideas. For example, when I went to Pachacutec (cooking school is in a sandy area of window and has as one of its benefactors Gastón Acurio), these made ​​me tremendously profound questions. For example, no one asked for molecular cuisine. I told them: “Have you shame to do? Does anyone know what is the digital kitchen scales?. ” A boy who had seen one of my lectures on YouTube responded: “As you once said starting a loaf, ‘This is molecular cuisine, everything is molecular gastronomy’” and started to do, and I in my speech, bar bread. Whether or not this guy was very prepared!

I have seen chefs moved to tears in Pachacutec …
I’m from L’Hospitalet, a suburb of Barcelona, ​​moved to Peru, would like Pachacutec in Ventanilla. In the late 70s, L’Hospitalet was very poor, no stranger to my essence, my reality. Again, rather than the environment surprised me the passion of students in local cuisine. My connection with them was rapid because, well, do not forget anything, we are normal people doing exceptional things.

You went to eat at restaurant Javier Wong. How was your ceviche?
Great, well, Javier Wong is a great character, very interesting.

Is it true that the view cook said, “This is art”?
It happens to the forefront is creativity. Vanguard is also what is going on, and what is happening in Peru goes ahead. There are Latin American countries that see the Peruvian phenomenon and say: “And we, what do we do now?”. In your country, as I said, is at the forefront who have used the kitchen as a social weapon, as a means of boosting the country. This is unique. You are in the middle of the game and you go winning 4-0, but lack the second half, which is the most difficult. For example, I spoke with Gaston on business opportunities to be plantearles boys. The faults we had in the world do not want to be replicated here. You have very good: Gaston, who is an icon that has things clear, someone who is pragmatic and realistic. Logically and therefore talent there, in ten years there has to be two Peruvian guys who are in the G9 (the group that brings together the nine most influential chefs in the world).

Sorry to hear that, indeed, during your trip to Peru learned a lot …
(laughs). I took six months to check on the world, and I think China and Peru are the countries that are ahead on the cutting edge in the world of gastronomy. And why? It happens simply have it all.


- I’m from L’Hospitalet, a suburb of Barcelona, ​​moved to Peru, would like Pachacutec. In the late 70s, L’Hospitalet was very poor, so was my essence, my reality.

- By logic and talent they have, within ten years must have two Peruvian boys within the G9, the world cook elite.

- I took six months to check on the world, and I think China and Peru are the countries that will be first in the world of gastronomy.

This year they have to wait. They arrive late, as if to test the patience of unique Spanish grower who I know and who, moreover, is a doting father who forgives everything. A Hugo Vela passion for them comes from her family, her grandfather Hugo Marionnet which brought one of the best collections in France. He began to cultivate after completing his studies in agronomy. What a small scale, enough to supply two or three exquisite production florists which are disputed.

During the morning I spent in the nursery I learned a lot of things about these flowers began to be cultivated in the imperial gardens in China. Perhaps this is why you tend to imagine from fine china, when in reality they are nothing prim, but extraordinarily long-lived,can live between 25 and 50 years in the same place. What bothers them is to change places, so you have to think where they stand and not have to transplant them.

Herbaceous and tree. There are two types of peonies. Or perennial herbaceous flowering in May and form compact clumps of 45-90 centimeters tall. During the winter lose -tallos shoot and leaves-and remain underground dormant until next spring. Instead, tree, woody structure and deciduous do become small trees two, even three meters high. Flowering is also earlier, in early April.

P. cambessedesii

Mediterranean species.  Almost all herbaceous peonies are native to the Mediterranean basin. Species Paeonia officinalis , red flowers growing wild in the Iberian peninsula, southern France, Italy and the Balkans;  P. broteri , pale pink, Gredos and Portugal; P. cambessedesii, pink lipstick, Balearic Islands, particularly north of Mallorca; or P. coriacea, yellow, Andalusia and Morocco.

P. suffruticosa

Oriental Peonies. Most tree species such as P. suffruticosa, P. delavayi and P. lutea , come from China and Tibet. Also P. lactiflora , a herbaceous species, introduced in Europe in the late eighteenth century, which descend the first hybrid garden.

Where do you buy them? In any garden center or via the Internet at some nursery specialist and Michel Rivière , France; Phedar Nursery in Britain; or even Klehm’s Nurseryin America.

Quick notes on the crop

Planting time: In autumn, that have taken root when vegetation starts. First you have to work the land, add mulch or compost and ensure that drains well.

Soil Type : Herbaceous or tree adapt to different climates and soils provided the ground is permeable and not puddle. Ultrarrresistentes cold, some hold up to 30 degrees below zero.

Location: In full sun, although in very warm areas it is best to plant them in partial shade to not achicharren. Always sheltered position, especially when flowering tree before are more sensitive to late frosts.

Depth: The crown (the top of the roots) must be well anchored, but not too deep: 2.5 inches is ideal.

P. Bowl of Beauty

Watering: The Mediterranean species need less water than hybrids; these require a slight but constant humidity.

Fertilizer: They are very greedy; every fall we must nourish the soil with some compost.

Pruning: herbaceous stems are cut in autumn at ground level. With just cut tree dry branches in late winter and a short rejuvenation pruning every eight or ten years.

Multiplication: The easiest way is to divide the clump into two or three parts, according to their thickness, with a sharp knife and carefully to avoid damaging the roots. Is done in summer, during the rest period.

Diseases: Excess moisture in the roots favors the appearance of fungi and is the worst enemy of peonies. To avoid aerated should maintain loose soil, especially after a rainy period; and cut the stems of herbaceous as autumn begins.

And the last tip of Hugo Vela, Flowers Delivered Shrewsbury: that the flowers last, when cut for a vase, do it before they open, just as the first leaf starts to peel. The cut should be above the branch closest to the ground, which allow the plant to recover.

Right cut

Right cut, over the last branch.

Wrong Court

Wrong Court.

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Outsourcing parts of the company is profitable. The economic crisis has led companies to explore more fiscally conservative options for your company. Internet outsourcing is one of the most popular options effectively reduce costs. Entire departments costing companies millions of dollars a year can be sent abroad. This allows companies to focus their resources on the crucial elements of your company and not use the resources on trivial matters, but necessary.

One of the most common outsourced departments is customer service. Maintaining a customer service department requires health benefits, rent, wages and expensive. This creates a huge expense for a company to simple tasks. Customer service departments are being outsourced to India and China for a fraction of the cost. The customer service often requires a simple question and answer script. The answer can be given to anyone with the script. This makes outsourcing effective customer service.

If someone calls the customer and the customer service representative answers the phone and do not know the answer, not a solution. Calls can be transferred to the customer representatives who have extensive product knowledge. This elite group of customer service representatives can be reached at corporate headquarters or can be transferred to a group composed of representatives of outsourced customers who have a knowledge beyond writing. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs and maintain the value of the company ways. Over 90% of customer support questions are questions that can be repeated scripts.

Data entry is one of the most common outsourced departments. People who do not speak the same language of the country of origin often can do data entry tasks. This makes outsourcing merk horloges heren services extremely profitable. Numbers and symbols are universal easy to make data entry in the foreign countries.

All outsourcing tasks can be distributed online. Internet is the future of outsourcing for large and small to create effective business plans cost companies. Placing an order online for electronic equipment has become a normal way of shopping. Placing orders online for the job will be common in the decades to come.

Outsourcing companies worry because they are worried about the quality. Outsourcing has become big business in China, India, third world and developing countries.Outsourced projects are taken seriously and business management is similar to Western societies. The regulations are often stricter than the US and the work is often considered a higher standard to ensure repeat business.

Vòng bi SKF, the largest manufacturer of machinery for mining, and a major Chinese heavy machinery companies, investors began subscriptions, in what would be the largest IPO in mainland China so far this year.

Vòng bi SKF, controlled by state conglomerate CITIC Limited, raise 502.7 million dollars after a modest valuation of its initial public offering in Shanghai. The company sold 685 million shares at a unit price of 4.67 yuan, valuing the IPO 16.2 times their historic gains. This is taking into account a price-earnings average of 20 times compared to its rivals traded ratio.Admission is the first after the securities regulator last month introduced measures to curb speculation in IPOs, the largest source of losses for many of the 70 million retail investors in China. CITIC Heavy Industries estimated initially raise 6 billion yuan, but then reduced the number one third due to the slow pace of the market.

More than 4,000 years of tradition endorse the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Herbal medicine, diet, acupuncture and body techniques like massage called tui-na and qi gong exercises and tai chi are your tools. They all come together in a common purpose: to balance vital to live in harmony with yourself energy.  Traditional Chinese medicine knowledge based on two theories: the yin and yang (opposing but complementary forces whose balance is essential person for their welfare) and the five elements of nature (earth, metal, water, wood and fire) from which a network of relationships with the flavors you create, emotions, body parts and seasons year through continuous cycles of generation and destruction.  yin and yang. Yin includes, among other items, cold, humidity, darkness, passivity, contraction, down direction, substance, interior, female, earth and water. Yang covers the contrary, ie, heat, dryness, light, action, expansion, upward direction, energy, exterior, male, sky and fire. Solid organs (lungs, heart, liver, kidney and spleen) are considered yin, while the holes (intestine, gall bladder, stomach and bladder) are yang. The interaction between yin and yang gives rise to qi, vital energy that flows through the meridians or channels of the body. The qi, along with blood, gives us the components we need to feel good. Everyone has aspects of yin and yang, but when the dynamics are altered between the body and any of the two forces is dominant, occurs illness or emotional problems. Infections, accidents, pollution, poor diet, disgust and even climate change are factors that can alter the yin-yang balance.  ‘s five elements. The qualities of each of them can be attributed to everything in the universe, including the parts of our body. The five principal organs are associated with the five elements: heart (fire), lungs (metal), spleen (earth), liver (wood) and kidneys (water). As an element supports or inhibits the function of another (water extinguishes fire, fire melts metal) and a body affects another: the kidneys (water) affect the heart (fire) and heart monitors lungs (metal).  Medicinal plants, along with acupuncture, are a mainstay of traditional kamagra oral jelly Erfahrungen. The first documented formulas dating from the third century BC The knowledge about Chinese herbs have been passed, then, from generation to generation and have been experiencing for hundreds of years. Chinese herbal medicine classifies each plant according to its energy, flavor, address and specific effects on one of the five basic organs. There are four energy (heat, cold, warmth and coolness), five flavors (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty), two directions (up and down) and four effects (disperse, consolidating, purging and tone). The acid has an astringent taste that concentrates qi; Bitter has a suppressive effect which moves the qi downward;Sweet is a nutrient and harmonizer slows qi; spicy stimulates, accelerates and increases the qi; and salt softens and dissolves the frozen qi. Based on these parameters can produce formulas that act selectively on certain parts of the body and penetrate either meridian depending on the symptoms that you want to fight. For example, a grass rising action would be used to treat a qualified “collapse” as diarrhea disorder.  meridians Work on  Traditional Chinese Medicine states that there are 12 main meridians are named after the body whose conveys energy (heart, lung, liver, kidney, …). Each binds on its way different acupuncture points. Although acupuncture can be applied as a sole therapy, Chinese medicine often use it in combination with other therapeutic techniques such as herbal medicine, diet, massage and gymnastics. The introduction of fine needles directly on various meridian points can stimulate or slow the flow of energy. Its effects are quick and effective. The Chinese massage called tui-na works too, like acupuncture, on the energy channels of the body, but does otherwise: mobilizes precise manipulations (pressure, acupressure, friction, rotation, release joints) called qi and xue, ie, the body’s energy and blood, whose stagnation leads to numerous ailments.  part of traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient system of movement based on breathing techniques and meditation, designed to develop and improve the circulation of vital energy. Until we have reached some of these exercises under the name of qi gong or tai chi. The aim of qi gong is releasing the inner power source and open the body to qi flowing out by adopting certain postures and a certain mental attitude. The tai chi serves the same purpose but uses movements intertwined in a natural way instead of static postures. Its normal practice helps harmonize the internal qi. As a result, all organs and systems are vitalized and healing mechanisms are stimulated.

When visiting Beijing hutong / Beijing have the chance to explore the historic lifestyle of Beijingers. It really is the way we connect tourists with the traditional, very far from what we can now see in most of the city, great avenues and modern skyscrapers Beijing.

And in lifestyle, we should not miss the opportunity to access some of the traditional houses of the hutong. When we walk through the alleys of the hutong, we only see long gray walls with no windows to the outside.But behind those walls are traditions houses known as the ” courtyards “(in Chinese, the Siheyuan ), as they are indoors where around a central courtyard is accessed stays only a lower floor where they can Several families live, and where the doors and windows overlook the central courtyard only.

Decoration wooden door

The first thing that tells us that we are in one of these Looking for a Fast House Sale Siheyuan hutong is the wooden door, the decor is a reflection of the social position of the homeowners. This will be marked by the logs are placed on top of the door.

Those with the highest number of trunks (four) houses are inhabited by a senior officer or senior military officer. Furthermore, it is also common place in the door posters with phrases that attempt to reflect the idiosyncrasies of the homeowner.

Al walked straight through the door into the square yard. Although generally a fairly small Diemension in this courtyard find a tree, flowers and other decorative elements. The most common tree in these yards, Siheyuan , the hutong is usually that of Granada.

Stays around the central courtyard

Around the courtyard are the various rooms. In fact, we see small rooms with simple furnishings. Now routinely around a Siheyuancan live two or three families.

The cultural importance of traditional neighborhoods in Beijing / Beijing , the hutong , and specifically of Siheyuan yards , has made ​​the Chinese government has declared the most outstanding protected hutong area.

This measure is going to allow tourists to visit in the future these neighborhoods largely have disappeared to be replaced by modern skyscrapers.

In the courtyard of a hutong Siheyuan Peking / Beijing

In the courtyard of a hutong Siheyuan Peking / Beijing

Detail of the door of a hutong courtyard Siheyuan Peking / Beijing

Interior of a courtyard house in a hutong Siheyuan Peking / Beijing

The increase in China’s share in global stainless steel production is the result of overcapacity and weak prices of various manufacturers of such metal.



(Reuters) .- China produced a little more than half of the stainless steel trash can produced in the world last year despite weak demand and the downward trend in prices, showed an industry report.

China produced 20.5 million tons of stainless crude steel last year of a global total of 40 million tons, according to a study of Steel Market Intelligence GmbH ( SMI ).Production of China in 2013 rose 17% year, said the report.

The increase in China’s share in world production of stainless steel comes when many other manufacturers stainless steel face overcapacity and weak prices.

The index Stainless Steel “ST CRUSTLIDX “the consultant CRU has recovered marginally this year to its highest reading since July last year.

The SMI stated that the most significant increase came from the second largest producer in China, Tsingshan Group, adding that the stainless steel production rose 24% in private producers.

Recently ( IAA ) held its world congress in Beijing, where many agreed that China is a country with huge potential for advertising.

“The Chinese are perhaps best people accept the advertising on earth. Because of a mix of communist self-consciousness and an explosion of lifestyle choices, the Chinese, especially the young generation adrift, brands need, “the president of J. Walter Thompson in China, Tom Doctoroff.

He adds that: “Consumers are not deterred by cynicism. China is virgin territory. “However, according to him, this has not resulted in a cadre of local brands.

But the CEO of Procter & Gamble in China warned that “there is China, but there are 1,000 Chinese. And companies must understand that complexity or fail. ” And a constant among Chinese adolescents is they want to see fun and exciting announcements, because they are tired of interrupting them.

- See more at:

Why make a doc to explain how to use google map in China, while in principle, it can be used anywhere in the same way?

Simply because here, he’ll have to juggle English and Chinese. But do not worry, it’s much simpler than it seems because google did very well things.

First, make sure that you have enabled the English version of the card. Otherwise it might be a little more complicated:

googlemap in English


To search for a street, you can write her name in pinyin , in English or in Chinese .

If I type “jiang nan xi lu”, he will find the streets and offer me this choice:

If I type in English “jiangnan west road”


Finally, if I type the name in Chinese “江南 西路”

In this case it recognizes three types of change of address but may sometimes he does not find a typed pinyin or English address. Chinese is necessary.

. Now admit that I want to find the shortest way to go to the consulate
I go to the website of the consulate in Guangzhou to change mailing address and I’ll copy it in Chinese:广州市环市东路339号

Then I click on ” Get directions “to paste the address:


After selecting the correct options, moved the chips to place them in the right places, Google offers me several routes:


Although some elements are still written in Chinese, it is clear enough to understand what it is.

And finally, a little tip that comes not from me but xiaolongh  on Bonjourchine : To find the closest police or, simply center the map on the area and type “Police Station”.

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Which in itself is one of the most unpleasant experiences that are exposed, go to the dentist for a patient in China ended up becoming an absolute nightmare oral. When attending an appointment with your dentist to undertake an brief surgery, a Shanghai woman opened her mouth and closed her eyes, as directed by the doctor. But in doing so, the dentist decided to introduce, instead of one of the fearsome tools used in this profession, his penis into the mouth of the patient.

After the bizarre act, the woman complained to his family, who raised a fierce complaint against dentist who worked at the Ipswich dentist . Hospital officials turned to the police for him to stop young doctor 28 years, who had hitherto played a successful trade. One theory suggests that the young man was depressed and succumbed to an act of madness, however, do not fully understand how depression bordered could have decide to introduce your member into the mouth of a helpless patient.

The Great Wall of China made from đá granit is one of the most recommended and certainly the quintessential tourist attraction when traveling to China. But the question many are asking is, what part of the wall should I visit?

Badalin sections, Mutianyu and Juyongguan are the most popular sections since they are the most accessible and therefore the most crowded.

In this article I will talk about another section Vnashlar đá ốp lát (黄花城, literally ” The Wall of the Yellow Flower “), much less known and even eight years later the visit made ​​Quique remains a highly recommended place.

HuangHua section presents an extension of 11 km, was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and is located about 60 km from Beijing in Huairou district.

Why do I recommend this section?

  • It is one of the tourist sections : For this reason you will be able to enjoy the Great Wall in all its glory , without having it to share with thousands of other tourists.
  • It is one of the closest sections to Beijing : Although maybe “wild” sections of the Great Wall, as the case of Gubeikou offer spectacular scenery, are far from Beijing.If you do not have much time and do not want to spend all day trip, HuangHua Cheng is a good choice.
  • This section is partially restored , so it provides a good contrast between the wild Wall and security (in Gubeikou have to be extra careful where you put your feet or you risk falling down the slope).
  • It is located on the banks of an artificial lake : The section crosses the river Huaijiu (怀九河), in this place has been dammed forming an artificial lake. The combination of the lake with the Wall offers a huge scene of beauty not easily find elsewhere.

Huang Hua Cheng


By bus:

Undoubtedly the most economical way to reach HuangHua is by public transport. Below I describe step by step how to get and costs:

  • Take the metro and get off at Dongzhimen (东直门) of line 2 or line 13: RMB 2.
  • Head to Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub through the underground connection there the metro.
  • Take the express bus 916 (916快) towards Huairou bus station (怀柔汽车站). The bus operates from 6:50 to 19:30 outward and return 5:00 to 17:30, every 20 minutes and costs 12 RMB .
  • Get off at the stop called Nanhua Sanqu Yuan (南华园三区) in Huairou district (about 62 km and takes about 50 minutes).
  • At the stop 100 meters you walk towards the light to find the bus stop called Huairou Dishui Zhan (怀柔地税站) , located on your right in front of a public toilet and the building of Huairou Local Tax Bureau .
  • Take the bus line-Water Huairou Great Wall (怀柔-水长城) . The bus runs every 20-30 minutes from 5:35 to 18:20 and 6:10 round at 19:05 and back costs about RMB 3-4 .
  • Get off at the last stop called Changcheng Shui (水长城) or Water Great Wall (35 miles, about an hour).

Very easy is not it?

Private transport:

Obviously it is the fastest and most convenient way to go (about you’ll take an hour and a half). If you are traveling with others is perhaps a good alternative.

The price should be around 600 RMB by taxi or minivan. To achieve this you can speak directly to the reception of the hostel or hotel where you stay, usually do the work for you.

La Muralla China en Huang Hua Cheng: imagen deSbortoZhou

Much is the entrance

The entrance used to cost 34 RMB, but since 2010 was officially closed to the public.That does not mean you can not access, we’re in China!

Local farmers have opened a couple of routes through which you can access the wall for this service and charge a small fee of about 3 RMB (the man who is sitting under the umbrella).

Some suggestions

On the way to Huairou HuangHua you’ll see many restaurants with a small pond in front.If you like fish, I recommend strongly that you seek a little time to eat a barbecued fish (烤鱼, kaoyu) is delicious.

In addition, many restaurants serve really tasty vegetables from local farmers. The only problem you will encortar is that the menus are going to be only in Chinese and probably without photos, so if you do not speak Chinese I recommend you take a dictionary, a phrasebook or travel but try your luck!

This section to be relatively near Beijing is subject to similar “weather” conditions. If there is little visibility in Beijing is very likely that the wall also has. If you can choose, choose a slightly cloudy day (thank your photos).

The Wall as I said is semi-restored and officially closed to the public, so it is not easily accessible. Furthermore, the part can not be restored to rocks break off. For these reasons, you should take certain precautions and proper footwear is recommended.However, it remains a section not particularly demanding, in summer I climbed the wall with flip flops (do the same!) And I’m still alive; )

Good luck and enjoy this unique experience!

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These beautiful counters (they are actually Payroll Services for necklaces / bracelets) I bought this summer at a Chinese (multiprecio store) of Vinerós. It costs 0.75 euros each glass jar (16 to 18 meters out by boat). There were cubes (but preferred them to be round). Become official counters for my deck Decktet .

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